frequently asked questions

boxore allows you to receive personalised recommendations instead of irrelevant advertising inside applications and websites that you like.

What is Boxore?
Boxore allows you to receive content and offers matching your best interests instead of receiving irrelevant advertising.

What are the advantages using Boxore?
With boxore, you will receive offers and content based on topics you recently browsed, instead of irrelevant ads. The process is anonymous and occurs in real time.

How is my privacy protected?
To learn more on how your privacy is protected, read our privacy policy.

What kind of data is collected?
Boxore translates keywords inside pages you recently visited into topics: music, hi tech, travel, etc...

What about my browsing history?
Your browsing history is not kept, only visited topics are recorded.

Does Boxore have anything to do with spam or junk mails?
Boxore only displays recommendations inside software you have previously downloaded and websites using our technology. We will never send you spam or unsolicited emails.

How can I uninstall Boxore ?
If you wish to uninstall Boxore, proceed as follow:
- go to « Control Panel » under Windows.
- click on « add/remove programs » or on « Programs and Features »
- select « Boxore », then « uninstall ».
- confirm « yes », it's over.